A123 Speed Record [Electric Motorbike]


Electric Motorbike Powered Entirely By Lithium Ion Batteries Breaks Speed Record

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An Electric Motorbike powered entirely by lithium ion batteries has just broken the record for the electric motorbike quarter mile. The bike broke 155 mph and finished the quarter mile in less than nine seconds.

Of course, the real story here isn”t the “zero to sixty” numbers, it”s the technology behind the bike. The batteries were developed by A123 systems and are already delivering more power more safely than any other lithium ion battery. A123“s batteries don”t yet have the power density of the Tesla Roadster”s batteries, but they”re catching up.

The batteries in this bike have a good chance of being the batteries that finally start to chip away at internal combustion”s stranglehold over the automobile industry. And while this is just a motorcycle that happens to be faster than any other electric motorcycle, the possibilities for the technology are extremely exciting.
30 off sale_20081209

Information on the Electric Motorbike can be found on the Internet.
News Article: http://www.autoracingdaily.com/news/alternative-fuel/electric-motorbike-powered-entirely-by-lithium-ion-batteries-breaks-speed-r/

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