Batterist are in the Formula Student competition!

Batterist are in the Formula Student competition!

Accu cells Batterist are in!

April 12th, 2011





Recently the team took delivery of several large boxes containing the ‘fuel’ for our electric racing car: the battery cells. The battery pack of the DUT11 consists of 288 separate Lithium Polymer cells, yielding a voltage of 400 Volts and giving a total energy content of about 5,7 kWh. This amount of energy is roughly equivalent to the amount of energy in half a litre of petrol. This might not seem to be a lot, but nevertheless, it will be enough for our car to run a race at full power!

The battery cells will be provided by The BATTERIST from South-Korea. The BATTERIST successfully debuted in the Formula Student competition in 2010, and this year granted sponsorship for VoltON Racing PQ-5400LP3 lithium polymer cells to DUT Racing. These cells caught our attention because of their excellent combination of power and energy density; both important properties for a battery pack in an electric racing car. The cells are originally intended for use in radio controlled cars and aeroplanes, but they are also perfectly suited for the DUT11. With the cells from The BATTERIST we will be able to build a battery pack of about 41 kilograms. Both The BATTERIST and DUT Racing are excited to see if the VoltON Racing PQ-5400LP3 cells can help us power onto another victory in the Formula Student Competition!

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